Unlimited Profit System also referred to as the UPS Software, is a Forex trading robot that was allegedly designed and released by CTO and Head Developer Brian James and CEO Justin Weigel. The two claim to have a vast background in online trading solutions, the Forex market, and algorithm development.

They also say that they have worked on the CFD trading software’s computer codes for several years, before finally making it available for ordinary people to use. Our investigation determined quite the contrary facts, making it clear that the men seen in the promotional video are nothing but amateur actors.

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The whole premise on which the Forex investment robot’s background is based is totally fabricated. There is nothing truthful about it. UPS System has been around for several years, managing to scam thousands of people along the way. Users better avoid registering with it.

Our exhaustive examination of its special features determined that there is nothing unique or impressive about them. The CFD trading solution is a devious sham. Our best suggestion to digital traders would be to Proceed to Safe Robot OR Pick an Authentic Software from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Starting Fee
  • Software: CFD Trading Software
  • Max Returns: 87%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Does Not Overstate Its Accuracy Rate
  • Personality Of Founders Totally Fabricated
  • Not Verified By An Official Third Party
  • Backed Up By Unregulated Investment Platforms
  • Managed to Drain Lots Of Initial Deposits
  • Already Proven to Be A Scam

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CTO Brian James & CEO Justin Weigel – The Amateur Actor-Creators

Almost any CFD trading software on the Internet is advertised as being completely risk-free. This does not mean that everything which is stated in the promotional campaign should be taken for granted. Lots of scammers seek only to capitalize on the lack of experience of some newcomer traders.

The above-described scenario is also valid for the Unlimited Profit System. It is not actually founded by an experienced technical engineer turned software developer and a skilled high-frequency investor.

While the introductory video does feature two men who claim to be CTO and Head Developer Brian James and the CEO of the company behind the Forex robot Justin Weigel, the two men were seen in the clip are nothing more than amateur actors hired from freelancing websites.

This is not a very good indication as to the legitimacy status of the CFD trading software. It is best for users to proceed to a proven to work Forex robot like the QProfit System which relies on quantum technology and big data investments to generate consistent daily results.

Interesting Fact:

The global Forex market truly does operate on a 24/5 basis. It opens on Monday in New Zealand and closes on Friday in the States. Most trading operations involve the simultaneous buying and selling of a particular market which allows all involved parties to generate and achieve good daily results.

Not Actually Verified By An Independent 3rd Party

Both of the alleged founders state in the promotional video that the CFD trading solution’s average daily results are constantly verified by an official authority. Our exhaustive investigation managed to determine that this is not true.

There is no independent third party which certifies the authenticity of the Forex robot’s performance. The statement is nothing more than a marketing trick and all stamps-of-approval present on the official website are fabricated.

Unlimited Profit System Has Dubious Origins!

Our exhaustive investigation confirmed that this Forex trading solution is a scam. There is close to nothing impressive about it. The only thing that drew so many users towards it was the highly-publicized marketing hype, the good graphic designs and interface, and the big promises, issued in the video.

But the reality is that UPS Software is a dubious CFD investment solution. It has no impressive special features and has only managed to lose the initial deposits of the newcomers that registered for its services. Its customer support is rude and does not cater to the needs of clients in a professional manner.

Fabricated Testimonials & Trading Reviews

This digital trading solution features only fabricated user testimonials and investment reviews. They are composed mainly out of social media profile pictures of unsuspecting traders and stock images that were downloaded off of the respective photo websites. They should not be viewed as genuine user impressions of the CFD trading software.

Unlimited Profit System – Unlimited Opportunities For Financial Losses!

Unlimited Profit System is a scam Forex trading software. It uses demeaning and detrimental marketing tactics in order to make users get started with it. The investment services that it offers are of an extremely low quality and can not meet the growing demands of the digital trading community. It is best to stay as far away from it as possible. It will accumulate nothing but losses.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Unlimited Profit to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Unlimited Profit is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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