US tax recovery will help you to recover your withholding tax. We offer services so that you are able to keep more of the money that you win. Any time you visit a casino or betting site and win money, that money is taxable. When you pay taxes on that money, you are losing out on part of your winnings. This is not to say you should not pay taxes on the money, but they will help you to get more of it back in your pocket. They generally see people paying out an average of about 30% of their winnings on taxes. We can help you find out if you are eligible for a partial or even a full refund, and then help you to get those taxes back.

US tax recovery can help you to get back up to the 30% of your withholding tax paid in, as well as the State taxes that must be paid on any amount that is won over $1,200. We can get all the paperwork together that is required by our government, and then get the IRS to work with you. Our company does everything legally possible to get you a refund of most all the taxes you can possibly get on your gaming or betting wins. We do all we can to get your money back where it belongs: in your pocket.

US tax recovery is a company that specializes in getting refunds for consumers on their withholding taxes. As a company, they are a Certifying Acceptance Agent on the IRS’ behalf, which means that as a company, they can give all clients the highest efficiency in getting back some of those taxes paid in. They are a dedicated company that uses a professional approach to get back withholding taxes on gaming winnings. The company becomes a liaison with government agencies on your behalf so that the time you would normally spend on the phone just trying to get paperwork can be well spent elsewhere. The professionally trained experts at US tax recovery already have relationships with most agencies, therefore faster service and processing of your claims are a regular occurrence.

US tax recovery has been in business for many years, servicing people all across the United States and abroad. Even if a visitor from another country wins money gaming while in the United States, they must pay a State usage tax on their winnings, therefore we are able to service them as well. US tax recovery offers the highest ratings of satisfaction for this type of business, and no tax service available will be able to complete this task for you. If you relish the idea of being on the phone for hours with the IRS, or a tax lawyer so that you can get back maybe 10% of your winnings, there is no need to use our services. However, if you would like up to 30% of your money back in your pocket, contact us today.

Source by Mo Arviv