If you are running your own business, which may involve some form of self promotion, or you regularly go to outdoor events or shows, a marquee is a very effective way to give your business a professional look and feel, as well as being a great way to give you some shelter from the elements. 

However, what should not be overlooked is the fact that the marquee can also be a very effective tool for advertising. Have you ever visited a fete or outdoor show and immediately found your eyes drawn to the large marquees that have been erected?  By advertising your company name or logo on your marquee, you can be certain that it will be seen.  Even a small marquee will stand out and is a great platform to promote your company. The marquee generally stands taller than the average person, which means it doesn`t matter how busy the show, the marquee will always be visible.

A further benefit of purchasing  a marquee, is the vast range of colours and sizes available to you.  By discussing your requirements with the manufacturer, you can have a bespoke marquee which is fit for your purposes. Most marquee manufacturers are able to replicate the company logo or name exactly as you like, by using either digital printing or screen printing techniques. The style of the marquee can also be specified, which makes the uses of a marquee even more varied. Some marquees can be open all around which is often seen outside bars or restaurants, or the marquee can be open at the front and closed at the sides and rear, which provides better protection from the weather.

A marquee can provide an excellent focal point to draw people in. This will give you an excellent opportunity to engage with people, which helps with product launches, fundraising or recruitment.  The marquee may also be used as a form of mobile workspace, such as for the emergency services and can become an essential piece of equipment. Most exhibitions will have some form of medical aid area, which is a perfect use for a mini-marquee.

By purchasing your own marquee you may make savings in the long run, when compared to long term hire fees. A high quality marquee manufacturer will use good quality components and construction techniques, which will ensure the longevity of the marquee. All components should be precision drilled and bolted. By using this technique, if you do have an accident, the broken part can be replaced rather than the entire framework. This again will improve the longevity of the marquee and help to increase the return on your investment.

When deciding your annual marketing budget, is it worth considering the purchase of a marquee to help promote your business?

Source by Ryan Dalli