The slightly lower performance was completely erased by this week. Group performance back to 83%. This week was truly amazing for one of our traders. Everyone who are part of this group made huge profits true the 10 – 14 of April week. But enough chit-chat lets do the recap.

Ventsislav killed the markets this week. “It was amazing week for me I personalty managed to Bank a lot of profits this week, and erase all the bad traders from the last week. Managed to post around 60 trading suggestions, 36 from them fully trade-able. My end results 33 ITM only 3 OTM and around 20 NA’s. 3 Consecutive 100% accuracy days. End Success Rate 91.6%. I believe that even if you have not followed me true the whole week you should be making money this week. Even in you have managed to catch all 3 OTM’s you should be still making money. Such weeks really boost my confidence to continue and deliver even better results in the future. Hope that you are all pleased with this week’s performance.”

Ivelina also performed pretty good. 16 suggestions posted, 12 ITM 4 OTM, ending with 75% success rate!

Conclusion: Back into the glory! Group combined performance 83%, no mercy for the markets!!!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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