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This week felt really solid. Both traders managed to get above 75% success and most of the signals where deep in the money. 17 – 22 felt like one of the strongest weeks since the beginning of the trading group despite the fact that the accuracy was little-bit lower then usual!

Velev posted around 50 signals, during the week with solid 75.6% success rate. 37 of those signals where fully trad-able, with 28 in the moneys and 9 out of the moneys.  In addition, one very powerful setup on the gold is not even displayed in this stats but many traders managed to benefit from it. We speak about the GOLD ranging channel started on 19.04.2017 and ended on 20.04.2017. The Strike rates explained by Ventsislav stood for very long time and many users managed to execute consecutive wining trades. You can take a look at the snapshot below, its on 15 mins chart.

Ivelian also performed very well with 77.7% success. She traded only 2 days in this 4 day week due to some internet connection issues. Therefore those problems had no effect on her stats and she managed to pull out 7 WINS and 2 Loses from those two trading days.

Conclusion: Back into the glory! Combo-performance of 76.6% WIN RATE!


The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

Want to join? Send email at BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com


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