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Another regular profitable week with us. Ventsislav managed to pull out another two 100% accuracy days. But lets’ be honest the important thing here is not the stats, the most valuable detail here is that all who are part of this amazing community managed to grow their trading capital!

Now lets move to the traders and their performance;

Velev: As always he is the main signals suggester: Around 55 Signals posted, 29 of them SOLID WINS and with only 8 LOSSES, his success-stats is 78.3%.

Ivelina had her first bad week since the group started and she performed with 66.6% success. 15 signals posted 10 ITM’s and 5 OTM’s. The important detail we want to mention here is that all users who committed with her sessions made money this week.

Conclusion: Another profitable week: 72.4% Accuracy Rate!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

Want to join? Send email at BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com


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