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Last week of June turned to be pretty awesome for the trading community of Vents. He managed to keep extremely high performance true out the week including Friday! moreover, he announced that his new and updated automated signals indicator is done!  First testing proved 80% success rate during UK and USA sessions and he extended the beta period till end of next week, so more users of the group can test and return feedback for him. Based on the performance he will either release or continue improve the indicator around 10 of July 2017.

All members of velevtrade.com gain all the indicators for free. Velev announced that the new version of the indicator will probably be listed for $999. And we speak about indicator but do not get us wrong, we speak about cluster of 4 indicators, which are supporting the main indicator based on bollinger bands and oscillators. Therefore, at the end we speak about strategy matrix of 5 total indicators providing highly accurate signal suggestions for binary options and Forex investors.

Velev, maintains the high class trading sessions he ended up with 79.3% in the money ratio coming from 29 tradable signals, 23 wins 6 losses.

Ivelina: Mimical results from last week in this present one also from Ivelina – 8 signals 6 win 2 out!


Conclusion: More then solid group-performance by VelevTrade in this week #16 – 77.15%!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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