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July started very interesting, high accuracy and perfect Nonfarm Payrolls live webinar! We simply have no words to describe how successful this trading community is. The stats speaks alone! Ventsislav keeps his 70%+ success rate for nearly 4 months now, and for those who are not familiar we`ll tell you that its hard! Every professional trader can confirm that staying above 70% is mega hard if we speak about long term stats.

If you ask where you can see the trading history, well all webinars are recorded and you can watch them upon joining and the rest of the signals remain forever on the Group’s Wall. So yes, you can confirm all the trades for the past near 4 months upon joining, and confirm yourself that his is one super transparent community!

Velev: AMAZING PERFORMANCE! 80.95% On the wall coming from 17 ITM and 4 OTM, and 100% Success rate NFP LIVE WEBINAR. What elese can you ask for?

Ivelina: Vacation till September!


Conclusion: July Starts Good! 80.95% success rate speaks enough! 

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

Want to join? Send email at BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com


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