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Since this week, Velev started to post signals also in another big trading community, and we`ll cover the results there also. The trader is just not stopping to amaze us and his audience. He quickly grow his fan base and we believe that soon he will become probably the best promising online trader. And we are not exaggerating at all!

Velev’s Stats: The importance here is that he is just a beast, another good week with 76% success rate inside velev trade. In addition in Friday he managed to pull out 88.8% success rate live trading webinar. And if you wonder about the other community, its a big one with over 13,000 members who can confirm all the results. He posted only 6 signals there but they all where ITM giving him the supreme 100% accuracy!

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Ivelina: Vacation till September!

Conclusion: 76.00% In the Money Ratio + 88.8% Success Rate Live Trading Webinar.

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

Want to join? Send email at BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com

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