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Velev Trade now offer also monthly subscription plan of $49 per month. Basically now even countries, which where not allowed like US, Canada, India etc, can also benefit from this amazing service. In addition velevtrade.com announced that they opened also telegram channel, in order to fight with the Facebook lag. Now everyone can get equal chance of getting all the trading suggestions in time!

Velev’s Stats: He reported Ruff days, Monday and Friday, but besides that everything was smooth. 60 signals posted, 40 Tradable 20 NA’s. 29 ITM signals and 11 Losing once. This performance is providing the group with 72.5% success rate!

Don’t waste your time anymore join velevtrade.com now, get our education + signal suggestions!

Ivelina: Vacation till September!

Conclusion: 72.5% Rate enough to stay good in green!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

Want to join? Send email at BinaryOptionsSpot@gmail.com


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