VirtNext System is an automated investment robot which was established about two years ago by a man who claims that his real name is Vincent Bollore. The same states that his company employs a number of upscale New York bankers and financiers but the reality has nothing to do with this.

One of the people that supposedly work for Mr. Bollore is the former CEO and chairman of the infamous sauces and dressings manufacturer Heinz. An inquiry made into the matter reveals that William R. Johnson has nothing to do with VirtNext Software.

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The autopilot system is nothing more than a binary options scam and can not generate a solid daily average of $2,500. Most users who used to have accounts with it go on to verify that it has done nothing more than lose their deposits.

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What is VirtNext System?

This online investment tool was supposedly established with the purpose of providing and ensuring completely risk-free trading operations to users of all level of financial proficiency. According to user testimonials, newcomers have a very hard time getting used to the means of functioning of the robot and can not reach satisfactory results which make a consistent return on their initial deposit.

VirtNext Software also supposedly lets one get started for free but a disclaimer written in a minuscule lower case present on its official website makes it clear that this is only for a period of 90 days after which the system becomes paid.

While Vincent Bollore does promise that the trading solution can accumulate $2,500 on a daily and up to $18,000 on a weekly basis, this is not confirmed by any existing user commentary, reviews, or testimonials.

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Our best suggestion to online investors would be for them to proceed and register for free with one of the truly legit and authentic Forex robots. The most prominent and reliable of them is HBSwiss by Hans Berger. It applies the best established Swiss principles in trading, compliance with quality standards, and hospitality.

Interesting Fact:

VirtNext robot founder Vincent Bollore claims that over the course of the last years his company has seen a 300% increase in profits, resulting in a NET revenue of above $650,000,000. This is not impossible but if it were true, then this would mean that the trading software would have made the financial news section of every media around the globe which is not the fact.

How Does VirtNext Software Actually Work?

Users should not get their hopes up too high. The creators may state that VirtNext robot applies and utilizes the fastest possible algorithm technology but this is not true. It just operates with the infrastructure that its company has.

One can not expect quick as a flash predictions about possible asset price movements to be issued by this online trading bot. Its programming codes just do not have the technical capacity to deliver them.

Its investment history database is also not very extensive and this is why the market forecasts are not as accurate as they should be. Traders better stay wary and avoid the services provided by this scam auto-pilot robot.

Is VirtNext a Scam Robot or Completely Authentic?

VirtNext System was released to increased hype but failed to live up to the expectations that its supposed founder Vincent Bollore had set. He even refuses to give out an average success rate and people do not know what to expect from the investment robot.

It can not be utilized to great success by both newcomers and sophisticated investors and is not actually free. After the first 90 days have passed, one must make a monthly payment in order to utilize the trading solutions.

The most discouraging factor is that it can not achieve the promised $2,500 in daily earnings. VirtNext is nothing more than a digital investment scam which one should stay as far away as possible from.

Final Thoughts

VirtNext was supposed to bring digital trading to a whole new level but managed to achieve nothing but disappointments to the people who got started with it. It was founded by online scammers and there is hardly anyone who has accomplished financial success and independence via its services. It is best for traders to open an account with a truly authentic investment robot.


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