For businesses that need to interact directly with customers, opting for virtual agent services can be a great option. Virtual center agents are fully automated chatbots designed to handle all common queries of a company’s customers using online services. Virtual center agent is capable of performing basic tasks such as handling FAQs about the company’s products or services, making reservations, placing and tracking orders, and locating other information.

Virtual agents are a great boon for the customers as well. The customers don’t have to wait for a live agent; all the customers are entertained right away though the automated system used to manage these virtual agents. These virtual agents interact with the customers like a live agent over the phone or on chat. These proactive virtual agents ask relevant and personalized questions about the customer’s requirements, thereby assisting them in finding the ideal solution. These agents are ideal for building customer relationship and company rapport.

The implementation of Virtual agents for your company’s customer service is sure to save you a significant amount of money. These agents work round the clock, without any compensation whatsoever. They don’t ask for leaves, allowances, perks, etc; all they know to do is work. They are capable of taking the consumers into their confidence level and motivate them to buy your products or services.

Not only these virtual agents are great customer service executives, they also work as a search engine substitute and a marketing research analyst. Virtual agents are programmed to consolidate customer feedbacks, suggestions and complaints to give you better insight on the demands and trends of your industry.

Using virtual agent services can greatly reduce the time required in solving a customer’s query giving your live agents more time to focus of more critical issues. These virtual agents offload a great number of customers from the queue of live agents, only those queries which are out of scope of support of these agents are escalated to live agents. Since virtual agents are pre-programmed software, the probability of functional errors is almost negligible.

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