Before I begin my Vollara review, I would first like to answer the obvious question.  No, Vollara is not a scam.  In this modern day and age, more and more individuals are becoming more health conscious, making healthier decisions, and purchasing products that help to optimize their overall health and wellbeing.  Vollara is positioned to capitalize on this booming health and wellness industry. 

However, this does not mean that the business opportunity that they offer is going to be best suited for just anyone.  I hope to uncover this for you in my Vollara review.

Vollara was established in January 2010, making them a brand new health and wellness company that offers products related to weight loss, overall nutrition, and environment purity products such as air purifiers, water filtration devices, and laundry solutions that leave your clean clothes pollution and chemical free.

They offer their products through a large network of Vollara Distributors, making them well known for the multi-level marketing business model that they have chosen.

In all of my company reviews, I try to provide details as to the cost that a company requires to join them.  In conducting my research for this Vollara review, I have found that Vollara does not offer public details on this subject.  I encourage you to contact a Vollara Distributor directly to learn how much of an investment will be required of you to begin your Vollara business.

The Vollara compensation plan is based upon a Binary model.  Meaning, that as you begin your recruiting efforts, you will place new distributors on either your right or left leg.  As you achieve sales, and start to build a large organization, you will benefit from 9 various commission and bonus options that Vollara has to offer.  These include:

Retail Sales Profits
Preferred Customer Sales Profits
Preferred Customer Bonuses
Fast Start Bonuses
Team Leader Promotion Bonuses
Team Bonuses
Executive Level Matching Bonuses
Leadership Bonus Pools
Multiple Bonus Centers

In time, as you increase your personal production, and the production of your team as a whole, you will begin to move up the chain of leadership positions within the Vollara organization.  As you progress up this chain, you will benefit from these multiple income streams that Vollara offers.

In my opinion, Vollara does offer a solid business opportunity.  Their compensation plan is structured to reward personal production, team building, and leadership.  This will be a very lucrative compensation plan as you achieve high levels of success.  However, due to the fact that Vollara only teaches new distributors to market to friends, family, neighbors, and associates, many individuals who begin their Vollara business will never build the success that they desire.  For those who desire tremendous success in this business, you will need to branch out, and utilize more modern methods of marketing.  This is where the internet comes in.  If you invest in yourself, and learn how to properly market this business, then Vollara offers many reasons to partner with them.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a home based business that best suits your needs and desires.

Source by Dave Fennell