Affiliate programs are not new but the Blastoff network has found a way to merge this type of marketing with the very popular social networking. This of course should represents the fun way of keeping in touch with your contacts. This model should attract many more online shoppers.

Remember affiliate programs offer products for sale without the hassle of keeping inventory or having to deal with customer services. All you are providing is referrals or leads and you get a set commission in return.

For example has an affiliate program that pays a commission of 1-4 % for referring a lead to their website. Also with in their affiliate package they provides help with banners to be place on your website, monthly news letters and free membership to their affiliate program.

Wal-Mart sells a lot of products plus at low cost. So those who believes the Wal-Mart brand has influence in the market place would be happy to place a link on their website. In fact Wal-Mart will inform you of the products that are their top sellers each month so you can include that product in your links. Remember some products offers a cash back incentive to buy online.

To track your commission Wal-Mart do have that will track your sales, returns or refunds and get you paid once a month. Yes I did say refund; you could incur a charge back if a customer returns their product to the store. However, that is with every business.

Blastoff network, a new cash back online shopping network, which should l launch by October 26,2009   . Here is a preview of the business model. Blastoff will offer over three hundred stores including Wal-Mart, paying commission from 1-50%. Blastoff network will track your sales and deal with the back office for you, free of charge.

Just like Wal-Mart, Blastoff networks also offers a FREE membership.  However, unlike Wal-Mart which offers a link Blastoff Network offers a FREE website, with many features to choose from. The center piece of this Website is the social networking part that let you keep in touch with your contacts, while sharing the saving with them. The other benefit of course is being paid 10-20 deep on those who join as affiliate through your website.

Affiliate program as come full circle and now seems poised to take on another challenge of bring people together in one place , to share ideas , catch up on some news, do some cash back shopping online or earn income for referring friends and relatives.  I hope this information was helpful.

Source by george Haughton