In tough economic times more and more folks find themselves saying things like, "I want to make money" and "I need a second income." The major problem with most second income undertakings is that they require more time than a fully employed person has to commit to it. To need or want to make money is one thing. To be able to find the necessary time is often quite another.

Time leveraging may be your answer – make every hour you spend working your second income opportunity work like it is 5 or 10 or 100 hours. Here is how to realistically change that simple request, "I want to make money with a second income," into a powerhouse request – "I want to make money by the tons with a second income."

What if, instead of working your available extra 10 hours a week at, say $ 10.00 net an hour ($ 100 a week), you use that time to train 10 people who each work 10 hours a week ($ 1,000) and pay you 25% or so for the privilege of being part of your team ($ 250). Sounding interesting? What if you add just 2 people each week (104 a year)? Then, what if each of those people did the same and you earned some percentage of their earnings as well? I'm sure you can see the spiraling potential of such a second income opportunity.

With so many folks, today, saying, "I want to make money," it's simply simple to find your recruits. Just listen on any street corner.

This time leveraging system is called multilevel marketing or MLM for short. It works. Lots of us are making lots of money. If you need or want to make money, let me suggest that you investigate MLM.

Your first step is to learn all you can about multilevel marketing. Read the articles on the web relating to it and become knowledgeable. Any second income pursuit you undertake will require learning the routes. Take time to learn the basics well. You may want to consider completing an MLM training program. There are several good ones available.

Next, find an MLM program that provides good training for its members, 24/7 support, and offers a real, appealing product.
Finding an excellent second income opportunity will require a good deal more than merely saying, "I want to make money." Do your research. Find programs that allow you to lease your time. You will find MLM is a very attractive second income opportunity for all those folks who find themselves saying seriously, "I want to make money."

Source by Tom Gnagey