In the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert, a mortally wounded man is left for dead in the heat of the desert sun. This is J (Hrithik Roshan) – once a street smart, carefree, young guy and now a wanted man.

The only thing that keeps him alive is the quest to find the love of his life, Natasha (Barbara Mori). A woman, engaged to another man, but surely destined for J. A woman, who comes into his life like a bolt of lightning, and changes it forever.

Kites is a story of love that goes beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures. It is a story of passion that defies every rule, of a relationship that takes two lovers on a thrilling journey filled with precious moments and unexpected betrayal.

Hrithik Roshan as Jai

Orphaned in childhood, he’s learned to live by his wits and his charming good looks. Loves the good life and is not averse to doing a shady deal or two for those few dollars more. He’s salsa teacher who makes one wrong move – he falls in love.

Barbara Mori as Natasha Beautiful, illegal immigrant in constant fear of discovery and deportation. She’s desperate to make her fortune in the USA any which way; including getting married to a rich man. Then she discovers love and throws caution to the winds. Kabir Bedi as BOB

Powerful and wealthy casino owner. Just one phone call from him is enough to get the entire police force of the state on the road to hunt for the man who’s stolen his money, his daughter’s heart and his son’s fiancee.

Kangna Ranaut as Gina

She’s a spoilt, little, rich girl, used to getting what she wants and what she wants now is her salsa teacher Jai as her husband.

Nick Brown as Tony

Gina’s rich and ruthless brother, As the son of a casino owner in Las Vegas, he’s to the manor born. He’s obsessed with power and the beautiful Natasha.

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