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Scams Exposed This Week

Currency Movers/Kaizen Global

A ponzi scheme meant to target the demographics of new traders or people trying to make money online from home. Currency Movers serves as the “vehicle” to get honest people looking to supplement their income online from home to create a membership with Kaizen Global, which is a well-known foreign exchange educational and affiliate outlet that operates as a MLM. Kaizen Global’s CEO is Reza Mokhtarian who was sued by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in 2016 for $5,000 for fraud. Subsequently the Quebec AMF and Nova Scotia Securities Commission has warned citizens not to do business with Kaizen Global. Our complete Currency Movers and Kaizen Global Review.

Hydra App

The new “miracle” scam system created to deplete binary option broker accounts in under 24 hours. Created by a paid actor who goes by the alias of Abraham Epstein who claims to have created over $84 million dollars the past two years, yet as you will learn in our complete Hydra App scam review, the website was created just over a month ago on February 28th, 2017. Furthermore, this system has been connected and linked with other scams we have exposed such as the Omnia App, 10k Everyday App, LazyTrader App, ProfitBall Software, Market Filter App and the Cognitrade App (all of which can be viewed on our complete blacklist). Avoid this malicious scam!

Signal Samurai

A viral binary options signal software created by Kinjo Oda. The Signal Samurai scam flies under the radar due to the lack of commonly implemented scam marketing widgets. All-in-all the scam marketers portraying this software found at SignalSamurai.com feed us a pretty convincing story. However, our team has exposed the phony stock images of the alleged creator Kinjo Oda and much more! Signal Samurai is targeted toward the male age demographics between the age of 18 to 25 and those researching for ways to make money online from home.  Make sure you stay away from this scam! Signal Samurai scam review.

Public Millionaire

The Public Millionaire App scam is what we normally see when we expose a binary options or Forex trading scam. The incorporation of paid actors is indisputable in our unbiased Public Millionaire scam review and the true identity of “Felix Smith” has been made abundantly clear for the record. Claiming that he made over $1,000,000 with the Public Millionaire App, yet we discovered he is willing to lie in front of the camera of as little as $10. This is a petty binary options trading scam that will only result in the loss of your money. Make sure to share the news and avoid this scam!

Trending Binary Options News

The non-farm payroll (NFP) will be occurring today (Friday, April 7th 2017). The NFP is a key economic indicator for the United States which represents the predicted total sum of paid workers in the United States minus farm, government and private household employees along with employees of nonprofit organizations. Increased market volatility is greatly expected. Make sure that if you are trading with an investment software that you exercise caution!

The binary options broker MarketsWorld has started suspending accounts of some U.S. traders. Due to increasing enforcement of regulation by parenting regulatory entities and federal authorities the practice of suspending accounts of traders who reside within demographics that are no longer accepted by brokers have been growing exponentially in numbers. We are urging all U.S. traders who have an account with MarketsWorld to withdraw your funds immediately or else risk losing control of your account and funds! The only broker we would recommend for US traders is Nadex.

Others news would be that after extensive documented and verified feedback and investment results, the OptionRobot Trading Software has reached a new high among our subscriber base. Better yet would be that the settings known from our most successful traders have been noted and will be included in an upcoming OptionRobot Feedback Strategy that we plan to share with you guys next week. To learn more about the OptionRobot trading software, we encourage you to read our complete OptionRobot Software Review. In the image provided below are investment results from Bradley Green. Thank you Bradley for your valuable feedback and optimized OptionRobot trading settings.

After being provided with two different settings, the most accurate one used by Bradley would be the RSI + MACD, Usd/Chf, Maximum Trade of 1, 5 Minute expirations and Manual. Using during the London Stock Exchange hours along with the application of the %R (William %R indicator) and manual to get the best entry rates has allowed Bradley to generate over $4.7k in one month with the OptionRobot! Other optimized OptionRobot settings shared would be: MACD + RSI + Stoch, Classic, 3M or 5M, 1 to 2 Max Trades and Eur/Usd + Aud/Usd + Usd/Cad.


WatchDog Trading Tip of the Week!

NEVER accept a binary options broker deposit bonus. What most online traders fail to comprehend would be that accepting bonuses from a binary options or Forex broker will oftentimes “lock in” your deposited funds. Not until you have generated a certain volume of trades (between 15 to 40x the accepted bonus amount) will you be able to execute a withdrawal from your investment broker account.

Quick WatchDog FAQ

Q: Where can I find a regulated broker?

To learn about regulated brokers that are legal to invest and user-friendly, feel free to visit our Trusted Brokers Guide to learn which brokers are safe for you to invest with. Signing up with any of these brokers will grant you free access with the largest binary options Facebook Group!

Q: Why are regulated brokers important to trade with?

You should only invest online if you have an account with a regulated investment broker. Due to the large amount of scams circulating lately, regulatory agencies and federal authorities such as the FBI has been cracking down and enforcing broker restrictions. You need to make sure you only invest with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside!

Q: Where can one find a profitable signal service?

If you are searching for an effective and proven auto trader, signal service or trading software, make sure to visit Watchdog’s Tested Service Providers to learn about the best performing service providers in the binary options and Forex industry. Each of these service providers have been thoroughly tested and proven to help you supplement your income between 3 to 4 figures per month.

Q: Who can I contact if I have been scammed?

If you have been scammed, we urge you to share your complaints and Contact WatchDog immediately! To date we have helped over 1,400 online traders settle their disputes and we aren’t stopping there! If you feel like you have been cheated or know you have been scammed then share your complaint to serve as a public record for thousands of other traders and learn which steps you can take to get your hard-earned money back!

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