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The markets are down a bit this morning as news came out last night that Trump has fired FBI director, James Comey, who was heading up the investigation into the administration’s coercion with the Russians in stealing the election from Hillary Clinto.  Although Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was forced to recuse himself from the investigation due to his own Russian ties, he “recommended” that Trump fire Comey, who was being more aggressive than the White House wanted digging into Trump’s ties with Russia.  

The Republicans were quick to point out the Bill Clinton also fired an FBI director but he fired William Sessons for ethical violations (padding expense reports, etc) and Bill Clinton was NOT being investigated at the time.  Trump already fired the previous Attorney General, Sally Yates, along with nearly all the US Attorneys – leaving only Trump appointees to oversee the investigation of Donald Trump and his staff.  

I would say this is a crisis but the Trump’s GOP controls both Houses of Congress and the Courts, giving them absolute, unchallenged power to do anything they want, with only the criticism of the press to put any restraints on them at all and, as noted on Monday, Trump’s administration is already pulling strings to mop up all media opposition and put it in the hands of his Billionaire buddies – who see, speak and hear no evil when it comes from the White House.  

Even this article, like last Tuesday’s, will not by published by most of my syndicators, who more and more hide behind the “controversial” excuse.  After publishing 8 years of anti-Obama articles, suddenly they don’t want to upset the readers by discussing politics in investment posts.  They are hypocrites and cowards but, sadly, it doesn’t take a journalism degree to run a media outlet these days – it’s all about being a good web portal and maximizing your click rates and, if you stroke a Conservative’s ego, you open their wallets as well – that’s an Internet tenet!  

Anyway, as I said, it isn’t a crisis because, like Climate Change, it’s not a crisis if you pretend it isn’t and boy oh boy are we pretending what
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