The wealth investment rules of our parents are being redrafted as you read this. You no longer have protection in the money markets of the past. Our financial system does need some work, but it’s utterly within the realm of possibility that you can hang on to your wealth and profit in this down economy. My key point of this article is to stress education.

I grew up with the point of view that debt was part of life and we had to work to maintain the ability to have more debt. Pretty strange perspective huh? But I bet it’s accurate for most of you, working just to get back to zero. With the economy being as it is now, this not so old psychology is now dated much like our remarkable VHS recorders. It really wasn’t that long ago that it was a little arduous to get a line of credit, you needed a second and sometimes a third mortgage to afford a house, you essentially paid your bills on time through the mail, having more money meant you just got to spend more money. Nowadays you file for bankruptcy and there are predatory credit companies out there ready to give you a line of credit upon discharge! This is CRAZY! That’s where the conspiracy begins my friends.

Opportunities to invest your wealth in are not as hard to find as they seem. Millions are reinvesting in their education. Not going back to school but learning new skill-sets. Skill-sets that make you money! Investing in your education is the single most imperative factor you can do to expand your wealth. You’re not looking because you want to waste all of your wealth right? They want you to have credit cards, they want you to put off your payments. They want you paying your credit with more credit. Again seems crazy right?

The newly wealthy are starting to share their secrets. People who have established wealth as recently as this 2010 calender year are sharing exactly where and what to invest in. All of them endorsers and advocates of constantly learning, investing in themselves every day. It is no longer a conspiracy if you know what they are doing and how long they’ve been doing it.

Banks have been escorting people towards inferior investments for years and now they are paying for it, no longer being independently operated but just another branch of the government. The problem is that there are no penalties for the careless behavior of God knows how long…….

Taking charge of your own education is critical. Simply standing aside and letting these entities take advantage of you stops right here because if you are reading this, you probably get what I’m saying and are already heavily involved in your re-education. Kudos to you but it goes deeper than that.

Source by Matt Findley