The saying goes 'you do not get anything in life for free' which many would expect could be applied to casinos. After all, they set the odds to ensure the house never loses in the long run, so why on earth would they just give away their profits to new members?

The idea is to attract new people to play at their casino instead of a competitors one (and there are thousands to choose from). They credit the new players account with some money – which can be as much as £ 50 for no deposit bonuses, and even more if you are willing to make a deposit which site often match pound-for-pound. Once you have the money in your account you can use it to play on any of the sites table games or slot machines. This is a great way to learn how to play the games without risking your own cash!

One piece of advise once you have got your free money is to check the sites terms and conditions for withdrawal the money. You will usually have to 'play it through' a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw the funds. But at least you can have fun whilst doing it!

I have written some articles on various casino games and about the welcome bonuses with no deposit that will help you increase the odds in your favor and bring the big jackpots even closer! You really could win the jackpot without spending a penny!

Source by Adam Betts