Nothing is more annoying than the constant calls from debt collectors who seem determine to make you life into a veritable hell. What is all the more irritating is that they call you at wee hours and give you threat and make your life absolutely miserable. Now, if you feel that there is no way to escape since you are unable to pay back the money that you have lent, you could not be more than mistaken. Obviously the debt collectors have the legal rights to contact you in case you fail to pay the money back in time but they are not authorized to harass you and thankfully, the law has enough provisions to protect you and your family from collection agency harassment. In some worse cases, you can even lodge complain to stop debt collectors contacting you at the middle of the night or manhandling you or treating you roughly. Law has every provision to safeguard your interest and therefore, you need to be proactive and find out security nets so that you can lead a normal life even if you fail to pay the money back owing to some genuine reasons. So, you would not necessarily have to change the phone number to keep yourself insulated from those irritating calls when you are attending some important meeting or doing something of having greater importance.

There are some myths surrounding collection agency harassment. Most of us nourish a foolish belief that unable to pay debt means, we will be drag into the jail by our debtor. But this is not the case. If you can produce genuine reasons like sudden loss in business or occurrence of unexpected events, you may not have to face these kinds of severe situations. Moreover, there are provisions in every law that prohibits collection agencies taking recourse to violence means to get their money back and if you find that any collection agency is violating this rule, it is your moral responsibility bring this event under the purview of court. Stringent action will be taken against that collection agency and that means you are well protected against collection agency harassment.

Collection agencies do not have the necessary permission to harass you by making phone calls again and again. There are specific time and the collection agency needs to call up the persons within that particular time frame. Moreover, the agency needs to be authorized otherwise, that particular agency will not be eligible to contact you. In addition to that, collection agencies do not have the permission to disclose the fact the customer is a debt defaulter to friends, co-workers or family members. Collection agencies are eligible to contact third party only if they want to get information about the location of the customer. Contacting friend or family without this will be treated as collection agency harassment and in that case customer may take legal action to stop debt collectors from harassing him. Now, if you find the entire thing unbearable, you have the option to hire a lawyer to take care of your debt problem. In that case, collection agencies will not be able to contact you directly since they will have to communicate with your lawyer.

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