Radiology technician performs imaging assessments such as x-rays, mammography and magnetic echo imaging. They use different equipment to perform the required tasks. They must follow the physician instructions and confirm to the set of laws regarding the use of radiation in order to protect themselves and patient form excessive exposure. They also prepare patients for the X-rays and radiology tests. Quite a few things must be kept in mind before preparing the patient to conduct the medical test. Technicians should ask patients to take off the jewellery and any other metallic stuff. It is very important to set patient position so the body parts can be radio graphed properly. Radiologic technicians also prepare liquid solution for the patients which helps radiologist to examine the body tissues.

These technicians will be working long hours standing on their feet for which they require physical stamina. Radiology technical staff should use the gloves, lead aprons and other protective devices to avoid the radiation hazards. You must be wondering that where they learn all this. Basically, it is the part of training which helps them perform everything seamlessly and in accordance with the policies made for health and safety. Radiology technician schools are best known for educating students properly.

There are many radiology technician schools offering the training programs in radiology. Most of the programs are from 21- 24 months which leads you to the certificate. The radiology technician schools trainings are based on both classroom and clinical training in radiation, physics, pathology, principles of imaging, medical ethics, patient care procedures, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, radiation protection, positioning of patients and radiobiology. In 2009, there were 213 programs attributed for certificate, 397 programs for the associate degree and 35 for Bachelor degree by the Joint Committee on Education in Radiology Technology. High school students must take physics; chemistry, biology and mathematics if they want become a radiology professional.

The certification for the radio-tech professionals is also used as a license in some US State, once you have become a certified radiology technician; you will be taking 24 hours education in 2 years to maintain the certification. This is necessary in order to stay fully up to date with the new technologies and also with any medical changes. To become a certified Radiology Tech, you have to pass the exam administrated by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologies (ARRT). A radiology technician must graduate the program for the exam that is approved and accredited by American Registry of Radiologic Technologies.

A certification always indicates skills a person has and also reflects the professional status for an individual. This could be the main reason that many employers prefer the certified staff, and once you are certified from ARRT, you will be earning more respect in your profession apart from a handsome amount of money.

There are great job opportunities for the radiology technicians. A radiology technician earns from $35K to $75K annually. Your salary will be best judged by your professional medical experience, geographical reason, and certification as well.

Source by Elijah James