laptop coffee tabletCryptocurrency vs. Fiat Exchanges

The emergence of digital currencies was foretold by a number of prominent economists. There were many skeptics at the beginning but crypto market leaders, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, have managed to prove them wrong.

The average Bitcoin price just hit an all-time high of $9,900 at the time this article was written. The same steady growth pattern is valid for most of the other cryptocurrency exchanges. Fiat currencies, on the other hand, usually follow a stable up or down spiral but are also prone to drastic value changes.

The Hybrid Economy Concept

Financial experts are already issuing prognosis about the future of the economy. Some of them incline towards the optimistic, while others carry a rather negative tone because of the fact that digital exchanges are not subject to official regulation.

The truth, as always, is hidden somewhere in the middle. One can purchase almost any kind of good on the Internet nowadays with the use of cryptocurrencies. The main problem is that many everyday merchants and customers are finding it difficult to transit in and out of fiat and digital currencies quickly.

This creates a lot of setbacks for the economy as well. If people had the chance to carry out the said financial operations prompter, meaning that the end user could purchase a given good via the use of a digital payment system and then the merchant could exchange them for a government-printed one more speedily, this would only allow them to buy and sell more.

Fun Fact:

Lots of people are trying to do this with the use of legit crypto robots and brokers. A fine example of a good cryptocurrency exchange system would be the BitCoin Code System by Steve McKay. It is a top choice among online traders thanks to the fact that it generates consistent daily results.

Co-Existence Only Improves the Scenario

Legit automated trading tools try and ease the investment process for end users. This is what cryptocurrency exchange solutions like the Bitcoin Code Software try to do. Commercial merchants are left with no other opportunity than to engage in online trading as well if they wish to fruitfully transfer the value from the fiat to the digital monetary system and vice versa.

A future co-existence which abides a smooth and instant exchange procedure would only make it better for both sides, increasing the average value of both Bitcoin and the Euro, which are only cited here in order to serve as an example.

Advantages of the Hybrid Economy

The truth is that neither the officially-printed currency, which is individual for almost every country in the world, needs to disappear, nor the cryptocurrency exchanges. Investment solutions like The BitCoin Code crypto robot prove that the two payment systems need to work in symbiosis.

The only thing that is pending improvement is the way people can transfer value from one to the other. While this concept requires years of thoughtful consideration and clever design, the basics of the hybrid economy need to be set right now if we, as a humanity, wish to secure our very own financial future and that of our children.

Time to Welcome the Hybrid Economy!

The main goal of the hybrid economy is clear – to unify all of the disparate ones into a single finely-tuned and well-working mechanism. The European Union tried to carry out such a financial revolution when its Member Countries began adopting the Euro (€) as a single currency.

It is time for us to take the challenge and blend the different digital and cryptocurrency exchanges into a global payment system. Let’s welcome the hybrid economy!

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