As an Acupuncturist, in my previous business I had many people offering me products to sell. When Nikken or European enikken, came along I liked the products and I liked the idea of building a residual income. So why did I opt to only use the products and not enter into the business plan? The short answer is, I read this letter, but let’s look at what enikken is, the products, comp. Plan and what it could do for you.

Nikken or enikken was founded by Isamu Masuda some 50 yrs ago, on the philosophy of the 5 pillars of health, being, Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances. I like this focus for a balanced life. The products I use in my home today, some magnetic products and the water purifier system. I am happy with the products and believe them to be of a great quality. I also had a water purifier in my Acupuncture clinic, which promoted sales and would suggest some magnetic enikken products to support clients in need, often with good results. My satisfaction with the products lead me to look a little deeper, into the business plan, and actually becoming a consultant, which I did.

One can become a customer, member or consultant.

As a consultant I received 20% off any product purchases, and a 25% profit off any retain sale. I was not making a mass amount of money to say the least. The compensation plan ended up being quite confusing and stressful to keep my enikken business afloat. I had to recruit new people into my business on a continual basis or I would face having my cheques decreases each month.

Running a business on the ground had enough stressors. Rent, insurance, association requirements, employees, overheads and as those in a business of their own ‘on the ground’, or in a franchise, know what language I am talking.

Enikken was my introduction to the potentials of multi level marketing (MLM), and I liked the potential to grow beyond the amount of appointments I could book in a week, financially. The irony is I could not see myself growing in this business model. I did not want to be recruiting my clients to the business, sure selling products to them when required was fine, but they were coming to see me to regain their state of health, not to be sold to. So, I followed what is taught in MLM, build your business and start with your family and friends. With the usual 97% saying no, as in many MLM companies, I grew tired quickly and selling to people in my personal world just did not seem right.

So, I just went back to work in my own business, treating people with acupuncture, racing against the clock and dealing with the usual small business problems. Then I received an entertaining video from a friend, and clicked on an add that was on the side. This lead me from one internet scam to the other, but for some reason I kept searching until I found just what it was I was looking for.

Education, on how to market products to anyone, anywhere at any time. That is where my learning curve began and what a journey it has been. I then decided after much research to become an affiliate to what I believe to be the most important information and education on the planet, Wealth Masters International. I do not have to bother anyone to join my business because I am plugged into the most sophisticated sales funnel and education.

I nearly fell into the trap of MLM and am forever grateful for receiving this letter beforehand which sickened me at first but thankfully saved me a lot of time, energy and money. Now I really am plugged into Healthy body, mind, family, society and finances. If you are considering going down the path of traditional MLM, please read this letter first.

Source by Natasha Dowling