In fact there is no connection in being an artist and having a lot of money. Art by it self does not give wealth. It is like any other profession. There are a lot of artist in the world and we could observe them in our recent history time which succeeded very much in their profession but they were hungry for food. Not only did they work on their profession they did not get any appropriate compensation for it.

Even today there are a lot of artists which do not receive the broad recognition in their country and in the world and they run into financial difficulties day by day.

So what is actually the true connection between art and making money? The difference is very subtle but it makes the whole difference. Making money is an art like any other art. In order to understand what art is let us for a moment relates to the biblical description of what art is:

"A general description for human activity which is not done but certain paradigm or constant action, obligating and prefefined but is open for the judgment, interpretation and creativity of the artists and it is based upon that special talent. done by rules and restrictions which in their reality the self creativity comes to life "

The emphasis is that making money it is not done according to a specific action or paradigm and it is open to the judgment and the interpretation of the artist. Making a fortune is like an art and it is necessary to understand and adopt the restrictions which it imposes in order to act creatively. So in order to develop our talent in being rich we need to understand the following:



-Will / Desire


-No destructive self-criticism

-No emotional attachment



These are only part of the characteristics which an artist has and should should adopt on the way of becoming an artist in the making money field. If we check the character of Warren Buffet we will find out that these qualities are present in a strong manner. Awareness to these characteristics is part of what will help you reach the desired abundance. The next stage is to learn the action and thinking by the 3 level approach (physical / mental / spiritual).

Source by Igal Avraham