Forex trading really has hit an all time high in popularity, with people logging on from all over the world to try and take a slice out of this trillion dollar daily market. With its massive potential of 400: 1 returns it is no wonder it has become so popular.

Unfortunately it is not as easy as people may first think and many newbie's feel the full unpredictability of the beast early on in their trading career. So what is the ultimate forex income solution for newbie and experienced traders alike?

There is always trading with automated software or a forex robot, but as time has disclosed they tend to wipe your account out after a period of time. There is a simple reason for this; They are programmed to feed on past data and not what is about to happen in the market.

Although the forex market does repeat itself somewhat it is not enough to keep automated forex software on the right track. Unpredictability tends to make the robots lose their rhythm and extremely your money.

You could read every little bit of information that is available on the internet with regards to forex and still not make money, but some people do. Surely the ultimate forex income solution would be to do exactly what they are doing.

This type of trading is available in the form of managed forex accounts, where you have a professional forex trader trading your account for you in return you can expect to pay between 30-50 percent. A lot of profit going to someone that is risking nothing if you ask me it would be better to pay a professional to show you how to succeed then keep all your profits.

One of the most enlightening things that have recently come to forex is the development of forex clubs. Forex clubs which are hosted by professional traders that teach help and even trade live with its members have become very popular and proven to be considered as the ultimate forex income solution.

Source by Adam Woods