What is upsell? This is a term you hear bantered around in the internet marketing world but it is not exclusive to the internet. In fact you live with upselling every day, you just might not be tuned into it. This article explains what an upsell is and how you can use it to make money from anything your sell … or give away.

If you are looking to make money then you need to understand what upselling is and how to use it properly.

An upsell is simply making an additional offer to a customer after their initial purchase. For instance have you ever gone to McDonalds and ordered a cheeseburger? Chances are the employee asked if you wanted fries with that, bingo, that was an upsell and McDonalds estimates that it makes an additional $ 19 million a day by simply upselling the world french fries.

See why upselling is catching on as one of the hottest selling techniques? The easiest sale you are going to make is to the person who just bought from you. They have already expressed some trust in you and your product and they are eager to see if you have anything of value to add to their purchase that could make their life more fun or easier.

When answering the question, "What is upsell and how can I make money from it?" You can benefit from thinking outside of the box. Let's say you have a business business you want to promote. You could give away a special report for the cost of shipping (this way you get the credit card information and only people of higher interest) and when they agree to your give away you can have a page that upsells them your coaching package.

What is upsell? It is a way of increasing your revenue after an initial sale. This is a marketing strategy you must learn and use because as I said above, it is always easier to make a second sale to the same person than it is to go out and find a brand new customer. Upselling is where the profits grow!

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