Being a life coach is an extremely rewarding career, and most of the people that do it for a living could not imagine doing anything else.  Even though helping somebody to make more of themselves seems to be reward enough, realistically speaking we also need to live and afford the necessities and sometimes luxuries that life has to offer.  That is why we charge our clients some form of life coaching fees in order to take care of them regularly.  How much to charge, however, is really a question that is somewhat open for debate.

If you go onto the Internet and search for life coaching fees, you’re going to find a variety of websites that will give you somewhat of an insight into how much other companies are charging for the service.  There are a number of reasons why you may want to take these numbers with a grain of salt.  First of all, some companies are not going to be working on these individuals full-time and they may be able to take in 10 or more clients without any problem at any given time.  There is also the issue of them being an established service and they can typically charge a little bit more in the way of life coaching fees than somebody that is just getting started and does not have many references.

The simple fact of the matter is, you can charge almost anything that you want for life coaching fees but it really has to be right in the area of what the market is able to bear.  You need to figure out what your needs are as far as income is concerned and then charge your life coaching fees in order to manage or perhaps slightly exceed that number.  Often times, you will find that you are able to make a very good living by being a life coach if you are good at it but you should not expect that you are ever going to get rich in this type of career.

Another thing that may affect the amount of life coaching fees that you can charge is the area that you live in.  If you’re trying to coach individuals in a small town that is somewhat in the middle of nowhere, you cannot expect to be able to charge as much for a job as you would if you were doing so in an area that was more affluent.  Some of the people that you charge may also be willing to spend more money then somebody who is of little means yet still wants to improve themselves in some way or another.  Often times, you need to let your common sense be a guide and although you may have set life coaching fees that you go by, these may be adjusted in some way or another in order to match the situation.  In doing so, you will make sure that you always have plenty of work to do at the time and enough references to get additional work in the future.

Source by Milana Leshinsky