The biggest problems many affiliate marketers face, particularly new marketers, is selecting a product to promote. With thousands (and even millions) of potential products to promote, how do you decide what is a good one to market and make money with?

Firstly you need to make sure that whatever you choose from whichever niche or marketplace is something that people buy. If there is no market for spider farming then there is no point you promoting a product that is that niche. You want a niche which is full of buyers.

You need to ensure that the niche has buyers in it. There are some niches out there which are very busy niches but people do not buy products in.

You also need to avoid the commonly selected and highly competitive niches such as weight loss and make money online. Whilst there is money to make in these, unless you have a pretty unique angle you are going to struggle to get traffic and earn from it.

A great marketplace to find products to promote is ClickBank. This market has over ten thousand products (and growing) on it in every niche you can imagine to promote. It’s a great place for any affiliate marketer, particularly, the new one to work from. There are many people earning 5 figures a month from promoting ClickBank products, so there is a lot of potential there for you.

There are two statistics associated with ClickBank products that will help you to understand if they are going to be profitable for you. Remember these are generalizations and not exact rules. New products will not have these statistics, so by relying solely on these you can often miss a diamon in the rough.

Look at the %refd statistic. This will tell you how many sales are made by affiliates, i.e. what percentage of sales are from affiliates as opposed to direct traffic. This is very powerful for you because if this is a high figure you know affiliates are making money from this product. If it is low then it means more sales are made directly and affiliates, for some reason, are not making the sales.

You also need to check out the gravity figure. This is a ClickBank specific figure that relates to how popular a product is in its marketplace. Basically, the higher this figure is then the better it is. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Finally, you can search for the product name in Google and see how many other websites come up promoting this – if there are lots and there are pay per click adverts then you know it is a money maker. People don’t spend money on pay per clicks ads unless they are getting a good return on their investment.

By following these few simple tips you can discover which are profitable products to sell from ClickBank.

Source by Jayzn Johns