If you are just becoming started in the forex trading world, or you are thinking about getting into it, there is a lot of data that you need to know such as what time does forex market close? In order to be as successful as you can be and increase your profits, there are details that you can use in your favor.

When you are working in forex trading, you are buying and selling different pairs of foreign currencies. Normally you will be dealing with the top eight currencies worldwide and these are: the Japanese yen, the British pound, Swiss francs, US, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars and the euro.

Knowing when the markets open and close around the globe is important. You can buy and sell virtually twenty four hours a day between the world markets which open on Sunday night in Australia and close again on Friday night in New York. At any point in time, there are markets that are open for you to trade, but it is best to trade when the big three markets are open for business.

What time does forex market close has two answers – all the foreign exchanges shut for the weekend and the last open is New York. In their own time zone, the currency exchanges around the globe generally open up at eight in the morning and close up at four in the afternoon.

By trading when the big three markets of England, the US and Japan are open, then you will see the biggest movements in the value of the currencies and this is the time when you are likely to get the biggest profits. If you buy and sell when there are two markets open at once, there is also an increased chance of making bigger profits on the trading.

It can be confusing with the different time zones to work out when different markets are open and shut. One of the ways that you can work it out is to use an internet based time converter, and these can tell you when the markets are open or closed down for the day all around the world.

By understanding how the markets around the globe work as well as the times when the biggest fluctuations in price are likely to take place, then you can really increase the chance of getting big earnings. Knowing all about the movements of the markets and what time does forex market close is the key to earning the largest profits from your investment.

Source by Cedric Welsch