As it is often the case, when one has experienced a cruise vacation, it then becomes a way of life and the preferred way to vacation. I think it speaks volumes that so many people have taken more than one cruise. If you ask a first time cruise vacationer if he’d do it again, the answer is always an affirmative!

So why are cruises such a big hit?

I think of cruises as floating hotels that move from place to place leaving you with not a care in the world. All your needs are met in terms of accommodation, food and entertainment.

Unlike unsavory airplane food, the cruise ship variety is excellent. On a cruise ship, you will never go hungry as they offer you a myriad of options. In traditional dining, you go to the dining room at a specified time and experience a more formal setting. In anytime dining, as the name indicates, you can enjoy your food anytime with a variety of foods buffet style. There are also can’t miss favorites such as pizza and hamburgers around the clock. Let’s also not forget that there is room service as well. All this is included in the price of your cruise stay. However, if you want to try something extra special, there are the more upscale restaurants with extra charge. Now you know why some of your friends gain a few extra pounds after a cruise!

When you’re on a cruise, chances are you’ll never be bored. There are traditional hotel facilities such as the gym, pool and spa. In addition, the entertainment cruise directors really try hard to accommodate the interests of all passengers. By day, there are organized activities that range from crafts, sports, computer courses, and dance lessons. There are also activities geared towards children if you’re traveling with kids as well. The key to not missing out on all the ship has to offer is to read the daily newsletter which lists the planned activities for the day.

For the evening activities, there are comedy, magic, singing and dancing productions held in the theater. After the shows, if the night is still young for the late owls, they can dance the night away at the disco or perhaps try their luck in the casino.

As you can see, there are lots of things to do on board the ship. Participation is not only fun, but let’s you mingle with the other passengers as well. But all of this does not negate the fact that you are traveling the world and there are things to see! You can either book an excursion with the cruise ship or explore on your own. It’s a great way for passengers to pick and choose their excursion based on their budget, activity level, and interests.

In all, that is what you can expect as a first time cruise vacationer. You can see why a cruise vacation is the preferred method of travel by many and it is an activity that enjoys repeat customers. The people, food, entertainment is great while you travel and see the world. It sounds like the ideal vacation to me.

Source by Mariam Ma