I sometimes hear from different groups of people who very much want to know the answer to this question. Typically, I either hear from parents of boy babies who want to have a girl this time around (or at least want to have a daughter before their baby making years are up.) Or, I hear from parents of girls who want to change whatever is making them conceive girls so that they can now have a boy.

An example of the types of comments is something like this: “I have had two girls. So I seem to be more prone to conceiving girls. My mom also had two girls but she eventually got a son. I’m wondering what makes the women in my family more likely to have girls and is there any thing that I can do to change this?”

Another example is: “I’m the only one in my small group of friends who doesn’t have girls. I get so jealous when I see them buying the little dresses and bows. What makes them more likely to have a girl while I seem to be more likely to have a boy?” I believe that there are a couple of factors that can make a woman more likely to get a girl. I’ll explain them below.

A Lucky Roll Of The Dice: OK, I’m only partially kidding. But if you do nothing to influence your baby’s gender and don’t have some tendency toward a certain vaginal PH (which I’ll discuss more later,) then you have roughly equal odds of getting a boy or a girl. You have the same odds of a coin that you flipped landing on heads or tails. Or a die landing on red or black if you’re playing a casino game. And yet, some people seem to have good luck with landing on the side of the coin (or the color in the casino) that they want. The point is, sometimes (if you’re not trying to choose your baby’s gender) it all comes down to luck.

Having An Acidic Vaginal PH Or Being Able To Achieve One: Now, let’s move on to those women who do have an advantage or who are willing to create one. Having an acidic vaginal PH makes you more likely to get a girl because this state discourages boy sperm. And, as a result, if the boy sperm are discouraged, weakened and die off, then less of them can be present at conception. This means that there will no longer be those 50 / 50 odds. And this means your chances are better for a girl.

Some women are naturally more acidic. And some are willing to use dieting, douching, or both to make it so. It doesn’t matter if you are naturally at this state or you reach this state through artificial means (for conception only) as long as you do.

They Naturally Conceive Early In Their Cycle Or Are Willing To Do So By Careful Planning: Some women are born planners who want to do everything precisely right. And I notice that women like this have a tendency to want to conceive early in their fertility window to ensure that they don’t miss a single opportunity to become pregnant. Women who fall into this category are a little more likely to get girls. Why? Because early conception favors the girl producing sperm which lives longer. Remember that boy sperm that didn’t thrive in an acidic environment? Well, they also don’t thrive for any long period of time no matter what environment they are in. So when you conceive early and before ovulation, you are forcing those boy sperm to have to wait for the egg. And many of them can not. So again, you are decreasing their numbers and lessening that 50 / 50 ratio even more.

Now, if you are not naturally a planner, you can begin testing your ovulation shortly after your period. Once you get some indication that ovulation is approaching (which is pretty easy with a saliva predictor) then you want to go ahead and conceive a few days before ovulation. This is another thing that makes you more likely to get a girl.

They Are Willing To Have Sex To Conceive Without An Orgasm: I know that this can be a touchy subject. But I can tell you that having an orgasm makes your vaginal PH more alkaline. So if you avoid orgasm and know that your PH is already acidic, then this is the best bet. And as much of a bummer as this is, if you want a girl it’s best not to have an orgasm (for the woman) when you have sex. This is only true when you are trying to conceive. But if you are having sex to try to get pregnant, then it’s best. Finally, shallow penetration makes a girl baby more likely if it gives the boy sperm further to travel and preys upon their short life span.

If you need help conceiving or have your heart set on a girl or boy baby, I’ve put together a few websites that might be useful.  There’s more detailed instructions and resources that might make this process a little easier.  You can check out  http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com  or http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com  depending on which is applicable to you.

Source by Sandy Dean