Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in the south east of Africa. She is landlocked and shares borders with Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the north, south and west. Swaziland has a population of approximately 1 million people and there are two official languages which are SiSwati and English which is widely spoken. Swaziland has a thriving tourist industry in part due to its natural beauty and established transport infrastructure. If you want to travel to Swaziland, it is advisable to do so in May to August when the temperatures are high during the day and low during the nights in June and July. The warm months are from October through April during which most rain falls in heavy thunderstorms. Travel to Mbabane and pop in for a meal. The restaurants here have an excellent selection of dishes and a good level of service. Some of the foods include seafood especially prawns cooked in Portuguese style, meat stew, maize meal, stamped mealies and roasted corn on cob. There is a good selection of spirits, beer and wines. In the main centre of Mbabane and Ezulwini Valley, there are nightclubs and discos, some with live music and cabaret. The Sun Hotels are the place to head in the Ezulwini Valley for discos and bars. The main attraction in Ezulwini Valley is the casino at the Royal Swazi Hotel.There is also a cinema that is visited by many tourists. Roads in Swaziland are quite good and a lot of upgrading has been taking place around Mbabane. How about visiting the international airport, Mustapha in Mazini? You can travel anytime since most of the road transport including taxis is available 24 hours. Lodges, hotels, guest houses, backpacking lodges and camping parks are found in the cities and game parks. Hotels tend to be expensive and finding a room in the rural areas can be difficult. These hotel rooms will provide private bathrooms and toilets, air conditioners, satellite TVs and a private doctor. They range from cheap to costly 5 star hotels depending on your pocket. Accommodation is available and is distributed throughout the towns. There are various attraction sites in Swaziland, many of which have boosted the economy of this country since many tourists visit them frequently. How about Mililani which is a wildlife sanctuary and Swaziland’s most accessible and popular wildlife parks? It is close to the Ezulwini Valley tourism hub and only 25 minutes from either Mbabane or Manzini. It is a very special destination with plenty wildlife, serene and scenic areas. Another is the Hlane Royal National Park which is home to the largest herds of game in the Kingdom. Head for the bush and experience the sights and sounds of Africa in this serene and exquisite park. You will wake up to sounds of lions roaring and enjoy intimate game-viewing experiences on foot, by Landover or a personal car drive. What about Swaziland’s music festival which is a celebration of the performing arts featuring an awesome array of local and international artists? There is also the most popular reed dance which is attended by many tourists from all over the world. Visit Shewula Mountain Camp which is situated in a stunning location overlooking the Lubombo Conservancy. Scenery, nature and community interaction are its main attractions. There is so much on offer in Swaziland for you to sample.

Source by Amar Shah