We have entered the information age—a time where finding the exact information you need is just a click away. With that availability, comes a media network that is very eager to share the personal lives of many celebrities. But I bet you didn’t know that some of these folks that we see on television everyday went through the same hardship that you may be going through. Anyone can suffer from job loss, medical emergencies, and other catastrophic events can happen to anyone—leaving even celebrities needing credit card debt help, protection from foreclosure, and a way out of overwhelming debt. The bankruptcy code is a law to help people get control of their finances and it doesn’t exclude athletes, actors, musicians, and the like.

After the failure of his first film, Walt Disney went through a bankruptcy in order to continue to follow his dreams. Just six years later, he created the character we all know and love as Mickey Mouse and became a giant success whose legacy lives on.

Abe Lincoln, who is often referred to as one of the greatest presidents in history, went through bankruptcy after buying a shop. But, obviously, he bounced back to become one of the most renowned and inspiring politicians the world has ever seen.

Cyndi Lauper filed for bankruptcy after her first attempt to get into the music business. Mike Tyson had to file for bankruptcy after months of being unable to pay his bills and even business mogul Donald Trump had to file for bankruptcy after a casino project failed.

And all of these celebrities have something in common: they all went on to be very successful. And that success included taking responsibility for their debt and filing bankruptcy. As you can see, bankruptcy is not an end—it is just a beginning. You can be just as successful as honest Abe and the girl who just wanted to have fun if you make a new beginning for yourself and your family.

Where do you start? To get more information, contact an experienced Missouri or Illinois bankruptcy information. While many bankruptcy attorneys are quick to offer you a free consultation, the best ones in your area will have articles, blogs, and publications that you can read for free before you even set foot in an office. Know that you have found an attorney who will do more for you than he or she is asked in order to make a fresh start for you and your family that could just be the key to your success.

Source by Jim Brown