How would you like to be a detective? There are a lot of people who would surely jump at the chance to be a detective. Just think about the mystery and the intrigue that you would have to consider when solving a case. Just think about the evidence that you would have to sort to be able to see the real story and answer the question, “Who dunnit?” Those people who do love CSI would surely want to be a detective at least in some sort of game if being one is not possible in real life.

You now have the chance to be a detective. All you need to do is be part of a murder mystery party that Gadget Epoint offers to all who are interested. There are four choices to choose from and these are Murder at Burnham Stables, Murder at the Café Resistance, Murder at the Pyramids, and Murder in Las Vegas. All of these are a game which you would have to play with a group of people. You can be the detective or you can play one of the characters involved in each story. It would be so much like the real thing – the only difference would be that no real crime has happened.

In Murder at Burnham Stables, you have to solve who took the life of Franklie O’Dorsy, a very famous jockey. Everything is about horse racing and eight people can play this game together. In Murder at the Café Resistance, host of the party Herr Bevore dies and that is up to you to find out. A dozen people can be part of the story. In Murder at the Pyramids, after June Digger, an archaeologist, unearths an incredible discovery, she is then found dead. Who killed her? Play the game with seven other people. And in Murder in Las Vegas, during the anniversary of his own hotel and casino, Roland Ewynn gets murdered. Who dunnit? 10 players are needed to solve the mystery.

Each murder mystery party comes with the props that you would be needing to take in your character and solve the mystery. Instructions are also included as well as audio CDs and DVDs so you could really be much into the crime which has happened. Of course, in case you get stuck, you can also find out who dunnit for each murder mystery party comes with the solution.

Source by Paula James