Whos it gonna be? Paypal or AlertPay???

AlertPay vs Paypal

AlertPay is just as great as Paypal. Both services allow users to send money to recipient’s securely online without divulging personal account information online to the recipient. There are differences between the two online payment processors.


1] Considered a ‘rival’ to Paypal and almost similar but almost the next best thing%u2026

2] They allow transaction is multiple currencies. Per transaction AlertPay accounts MUST pay a dollar PER transaction. They also charge a flat 5% and a few cents / pence.

3] They have three different account for new users to sign up to such as a personal, premium and secured account. The secured account is a great option for those who are merchants, those owning risky businesses such as MLM, referral, mature and explicit types of businesses online. A great advantage for those merchants but if you want to have a business like that with Paypal – they forbid it. Paypal does not accept merchants with MLM, Affiliate and the like. AlertPay welcomes mostly all types of business.

4] If you’re an affiliate programme lover AlertPay offers also a referral programme for those who sign up to have an AlertPay Secured Account (top Business type account).


1] EBay owns Paypal and both services are one of the most used on the web. Paypal is widely accepted.

2] EBay sellers are forbidden to use AlertPay to receive funds.

3] Paypal automatically converts foreign currency payments into your base currency, AlertPay requires you to maintain a separate account -for EACH currency you may be dealing with.

4] As mentioned above PayPal does not allow MLM users and the like.


Well there is no harm in using both services and there is no ‘best’ payment processor at all. Each payment processor has something different to offer for eveyone. This is also why it is wise NOT to put ‘%u2026all your eggs in one basket’. You can sign up to as many payment processors as you can – you’ll never know what will happen if you don’t.

Even more so the top 5 payment processors are considered to be PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers, NoChex (UK), RevolutionMoneyExchange.


[MLM = Multi-Level Marketing].

Source by E.leo