For stay-at-home moms who want, or need, to earn money to help improve the family's financial situation the Internet is the perfect place to make money from home. Of all the work from home jobs for moms one of the best ways for any mom to earn money online is through affiliate marketing.

To those not familiar with it, affiliate marketing products selling products or services of other people in exchange for a commission from the sales you make. It is an easy and proven money-making enterprise.

Here are five reasons why affiliate marketing is great for stay-at-home moms:

1.) You do not need a lot of money to get started.

There are tons of ways to get started making money as an affiliate marketer without spending money. Using the power of information and spreading it through articles, e-mails, forums and websites using your own affiliate links you can get the word out about the products you are promoting very quickly using FREE methods.

2.) It's a proven way to make money online.

People have been making money with affiliate marketing since the Internet first started over 15 years ago. Many people have already become successful with affiliate marketing and are earning thousands of dollars from it every single month.

3.) It is a very flexible way to make money online.

Unlike a full time job, affiliate marketing does not require you to work 8 hours a day, five days a week. It can be done any time of the day. Moms can work at night while the children are sleeping or during the daytime when the children are at school. And it also allows Moms to be free to pick up the kids from school or attend to a child that is having trouble sleeping or is ill. You control when you work – plain and simple.

4.) Moms do not need any special equipment.

Other than a computer and an internet connection, which you probably already have, you do not need any other equipment. You also do not need any special skills or a background in selling or business in order to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

5.) You do not need to spend a lot of time tending to your business

Affiliate marketing is the type of business that you can set on autopilot. Yes, at first you will have to spend a little time setting up the mechanisms that will run your affiliate marketing business, but once they are in place you'll only need to give your business a few hours of attention per week. You can work part time and make a few hundred dollars a month and supplement your family's current income or you may choose to work full-time and earn a significant income that could give you more time with your family and eliminate your financial worries.

Ultimately, what affiliate marketing offers to Moms is the opportunity to make real money online while at the same time allowing them to spend quality time with their children and families. Flexibility and low capital to enter this business makes it an ideal money-making opportunity for Moms who do not want to start working or go back to working in an office.

Source by Michele Foran