Are you sick and tired of answering those ads on money-making opportunities at home – only to find yourself reading some e-book which leaves you with more questions than answers?

Does your self-esteem take a hit when it seems that you just can’t get going? And further takes another hit when you ask for help from their support desk – only to find that all of a sudden no one seems to realize that you are really there?

This really cuts right to the core. Your self-esteem is really the most important aspect of your personality – and yet it is most vulnerable.

To put things in perspective:

  • Most programs oversell the ease with which you can implement their program
  • Most programs do not respond to inquiries
  • And when they do, often the answers are:
  • That will be covered in our VIP program, and that is an additional $39 per month
  • Due to the extreme popularity of our program, we are behind in answering inquiries
  • Refer to page 33 in the e-book you recently purchased
  • That is not answered in this course

So, you are a bit lost at what to do, and your attitude takes another hit. Just at the time when you need all the perseverance you can muster, you hit one stone wall after another.

How to fortify yourself from these setbacks:

  • Make certain that the program you are entering into can in fact produce the results you want
  • Keep in mind that many programs are useless – you are not useless
  • Keep in mind that only the strong in self-esteem really make it to the top of anything

I know this is easier said than done – but you can go into any program with your eyes wide open and a little cynical – not trusting. That way, you won’t have to prove to them, they will have to prove to you.

This is tricky, because you have to enter with realism – and realize that no self-proclaimed guru is going to give you their secrets for $39.00; but at the same time you must realize that there are indeed programs out that can and will produce if you enter it in the right frame of mind.

Now, do you ever notice that there are some people who just gravitate toward successful outcomes, and yet they are no smarter than you are, no better educated, do not have better personalities; in fact, you can’t find anything different about them – they are just more successful.

What could the answer be? Well, I submit to you, that there are probably two answers:

  • They are working a program which has support almost to the extent of mentoring
  • They have a sense of expectation of success.

You know when you read of the marvelous successes of the most renowned people in their fields, you often find that their success came from the above two factors.

Pretty amazing when you think of it, isn’t it? In fact, when you fully accept these factors, it should raise your expectations to such a degree that you know you can put them to work immediately.

Make no mistake about it – the combination of the two factors above will enable you to soar!

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Source by Ron Millicent