When we think about the importance of the business we work in, we tend to think of the most important tasks first. That does make sense of course, but it’s amazing how much difference the seemingly less important tasks can have if they are done well too.

Take office cleaning, for example. Now many people think of this as being a mundane and unimportant job, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes it can happen because another company takes care of the cleaning. This can mean that the workers in the office don’t really think of cleaning as having anything to do with them.

But let’s look into this a little bit further. When your office space is kept clean and tidy, you are naturally going to be more efficient. You won’t have to spend any time looking for things, for example. If you work in this kind of environment it’s easy to take it for granted, but you would soon notice the difference if you didn’t have that. Trying to find what you need amid a messy jumble of papers and an overflowing waste paper basket isn’t easy!

This is where we start to touch on the subject of going the extra mile. But what does it really mean?

Well, it means that we are basically doing everything we can to make our working environment a pleasant one to work in. And if we have a good cleaning company working with us to achieve that aim, we will get even better results.

You see, cleaning isn’t as easy a job as you might think. There is surface cleaning, which just makes sure that things look pretty good. And then there is proper cleaning – the type of cleaning that gets right down to what needs doing. For example, a range of efficient and antibacterial products might be used to ensure that everything is kept as clean as possible. And there might be one or more cleaners who come into the office every day and give it the once over before the workers come in to start their day.

In this sense, even a small touch such as the use of an air freshener by your commercial cleaning company will make all the difference to the mood of your workers. Wouldn’t you feel more uplifted if you came into your office each and every day to find it clean and smelling really nice and fresh?

Of course you would. It would uplift your mood. And it is the small touches such as these which make us create a more satisfied company. So in reality it pays to see how your own cleaning company is doing on a regular basis. If they aren’t going the extra mile it might be worth thinking about making a change. If you do you might be amazed at just what a difference it makes to your business – as well as to the people who work within it.

Source by Lisa Armstrong