Whilst the ClickBank affiliate program is arguably the most popular affiliate network for affiliates, it is also the one where only a few of it’s affiliates actually make any money worth talking about.

In fact most of the ClickBank affiliates do not even register 1 sale in 3 months or more…

Why is it so difficult for Affiliates to Make Good Money with ClickBank?

Whilst it is easy to get a ClickBank account, which allows you access to their marketplace of 10,000+ digital products which you can promote on your blog or website, it takes a bit of knowledge, experience & clever strategies to generate the amount of sales that will make you some decent affiliate commission.

So you could be thinking that this sounds like an easy way to make some decent money online…

Well that’s what most affiliates think as they go about choosing a whole lot of products that look like selling well and slap their affiliate links all over the place, sit back and wait for the affiliate commissions to roll in.

Well guess what?

It doesn’t happen and after a while they give up without even having earned just $1 in commission.

It’s a shame to give up when you think that the ClickBank marketplace is packed with thousands of digital products ready to sell & earn commission on.

What’s more is that ClickBank makes it so easy for affiliates to sell these products – all the affiliate needs to do is select a product and then use the ClickBank HopLink Shield which is a free tool that encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames in HopLinks.

So what could be easier?

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Source by M Morgan-Bellinger