The world of skateboarding has often been stereotyped as being full of individuals that are into reggae music and that dress in dark clothing. Some even fear them as they believe skaters form gangs and take part in illegal activities. Therefore it is refreshing that there are professionals including Tony Hawk out there. He has definitely become an inspiration for the sport.

He has definitely taken the sport to new limits due to his speed, agility, and the difficulty involved with the various stunts he performs. Yet there is so much more to him than that for people to be impressed with.

Hawk loves the sport, and encourages others to take part in it. He has donated a large amount of money to help with the cost of skate parks and even to provide skateboards for kids that wouldn’t have them otherwise. He has also taken up huge causes to get people to give including 09/11 fundraisers and those for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

It is common to see him interacting with his fans, including the younger generations. They do see him as the leader of the world of skating, but they also relate to him as a person. He definitely has a passion for the sport, but he is also very charismatic. He can draw people to him instantly without even trying.

While we may look at Hawk out there and be amazed, we also take for granted all of the hard work he has put into achieving his goals. It is important to remember that he didn’t magically know all he does one day and be able to present it. Anyone with dreams and aspirations can appreciate all that he has done. While skill has plenty to do with it, so does the mindset.

You will see that Hawk is very patient and he is also very encouraging. He always has great things to say about his competition instead of cutting them down. He also isn’t letting the celebrity status go to his head. He knows that he has quite a following and he is always thankful of his fans out there. He has stayed true to who he is, and never lets the money or the fame get the best of him.

Anyone that plays video games has come across the various Tony Hawk skating games. They are designed to give a person realistic moves to perform as they skate around. A couple of years ago one mother wrote to Tony Hawk to express her disappointment. While she loved the games as did her kids, she also had a daughter very into the sport. They were disappointed that none of the skaters to choose from on these games were female. Hawk took that to heart, and the very next one that came out had a professional female that could be selected.

He has also created affordable and high quality skating shoes that are sold exclusively at Kohl’s. Don’t worry if you don’t have one locally though as you can shop their stores online. He has also donated thousands of pairs of them to kids that need shoes. He doesn’t make any money on that but wants to be sure kids out there have what they need.
Many other celebrities out there have the highest respect for Tony Hawk. They have found him to be a genuine individual with an exciting spirit. They also love the fact that the man is always willing to lend his support to worthwhile causes. He is a passionate skater but also a compassionate human being.

Source by John