Make money mail programs will NOT work in the new economy.If you have a lottery ticket, make money fast mentality you are going to get crushed trying to build a business online. There is no such thing as 'Get Rich Quick' online.

Chain emails are illegal and totally dishonest and there a slew of other total scams out there designed to rip you off. Online marketing and internet entrepreneurship, however is the real deal and BIG business on the internet.

According to Forbes Magazine, there are 79 million people in North America that will start internet-based businesses over the next 3-5 years. If you really want to make online you have to learn how to position yourself and your business in front of these 79 million people.

The way you do this is marketing and advertising, that's it. Your responsibility is to become a master marketing and the way you do that with mentoring, training, and the use of automated online marketing systems. Your main objective is generating a sufficient amount of leads every single day to funnel into your marketing funnel.

The best way to make real money online is not mail programs or outdated MLM companies, it is by working with a top-tier direct sales company. Unlike the MLM companies of the past direct sales companies do not require you to build massive downlines in order to turn a profit.

In top-tier direct sales you are paid high ticket charges based on your efforts, typically $ 2k- $ 10k PER SALE and the company will provide you with the training.

With this training, and the use of automated marketing systems you will be ready to create an income you've never dreamed of, making in a month what most people make in a year.

Success in this emerging New Economy will require you to take ACTION and learn some new skills, but the payoff is tremendous for the person who is willing to make the effort.

Source by Johnny Wall