I frequently get asked why a vast majority of forex trading beginners very often tend to fail. The answer is not a simple one; however it revolves around a few major points.

Forex traders do not become millionaires overnight. It is strict business and has to be deal with in this way. Unfortunately many newbies enter the market having the wrong way of thinking. They see it as a chance to make easy money, but learn the hard way things are not as ideal as cunning marketers make them seem. Below are the main reasons why a great major fails to generate profits.

Lack of Forex Trading Education

As with any business, to be profitable you need to know your market inside out. Get a free or even better paid training course from a reliable source, and study it extensively. After familiarizing yourself with the currency exchange market, practice daily on demo accounts to further improve your skills prior to begin trading with small amounts. Most often beginners fail as they do not bother to dedicate the necessary time and effort required.

Unreal Expectations

Unfortunately most new traders have unrealistic expectations with regards to the necessary time, effort and capital needed to be a successful trader. This false impression is inspired by forex marketers, promising automated software – robots and so-called forex experts. To get your money they usually boast that generating huge profits with their product or service is just a few clicks away.

Trading Without an Adequate Strategy

Another huge mistake new traders make is enter the market without any form of strategy. In general you should have a clear objective with regards to your overall forex actions and a clear strategy for every single trade you perform. More specifically you need to decide upon the currency pairs you will trade with, the leverage you will apply, and the time you are planning to owe to in the forex market. Your plan should likewise include a reasonable return of investment expectation.

Lack of Trading Discipline

Once you've established an objective trading strategy, it's essential to stick to it! By building your personal plan in advance, you immediately significantly reduce future risks. When you begin trading, risk and reward grow to be a reality and one can easily become governed by fear or over exclusion. In short, not having enough discipline can contribute to emotional trading which can prove to be detrimental.

Getting Over Emotional

Many beginners often get over emotional whilst trading which can result in poor decision-making. When dealing with money, one needs to apply logic, sound judgment and experience, not allowing overwhelming emotions initially eat up on their investments. Let's be realistic, we are dealing with money here and it takes character to stay calm and focused when the market does not go as expected.

Choosing an Unreliable Online Forex Broker

If the broker you have chosen lacks the skills, expertise and tools needed to adequately advise beginners, the possibility of failure increments tremendously. Prior to opening an account with a specific online forex broker ensuring that you know all you can about them. Ensure that they provide a high-quality trading platform, low cost fees and to a certain extent certainty.

Failure to Utilize Stop Loss Order & Take Profits

What the majority of newbies fail to fully grasp is the benefit of the 'stop loss order', which sadly is usually associated in almost all traders' minds as a failure connected with losing.

'Take profits' work in the opposite way by allowing you to determine the exact rate at which you desire open positions closed so that you can lock-in profits.

Money and Risk Management Issues

Insufficient money and risk management skills is another primary reason newbies fail to succeed in the currency exchange market.

Limiting risks you take will often play a huge role in your forex journey. Highly efficient money management should always be your only path to becoming a successful trader.

Leverage Misuse

Another main reason beginners lose a large part of their investment is due to the fact that they risk too much on each transaction. They 'bet' on the possibility of generating huge profits and very often they are easily discouraged and abandon the market very disappointed. Do not be greedy and never trade amounts you are unable to sustain. Reduced leverage gives you a cost-effective flexibility along with an opportunity for a much more wide 'stop loss', which will keep you from risking an excess amount of your capital. Excessive leverage in forex can actually make your account vanish in no time, in the event the market does not hide with your decisions.

Forex trading is rather complicated to make sure to learn every aspect of the market. Build a relationship with successful traders and learn from their experiences. Risk and money management is substantially more crucial in forex and do not expect quick rich wonders to magically occurs.

Finally, when managing an account, be sure to adequately capitalize, utilizing appropriate trade sizing and limiting risk by smart leverage. With some discipline and patience you can without doubt become a successful trader.

Source by Johnny Mitch