Some men are up to 100 times better in bed than others. I know this is a drastic statement but it is true. Only 30% of women have orgasms – and on average they are only 10 seconds long! These expert lovers can give women climaxes for literally hours. An hour is 3600 seconds. Not only can they give them longer climaxes, but more intense, up to 7 different types, and tons of combinations. These women beg, gasp, quiver, convulse, and scream! Check out 3 tips to do this yourself!

1st Tip. The no-touch orgasm.

One expert lover said that the key to his success is that he gives women orgasms even before he touches them. If he can’t do that then he doesn’t continue. He figures that they are not on the same page for some reason and so he waits for another day.

You can give her the no-touch orgasm by making her either re-live a fantasy or create a new that that is so hot that she can start shaking and convulsing without touch.

He does that by asking her very focused questions and then using her answers to create the exact fantasy she wants. Thus he is setting her up for success. He makes it real and NOW. He gives her sexy details as if he is touching her now. She does the rest by internally rubbing herself. This is usually a 30-60 second orgasm that he has given her without even touching her yet.

2nd Tip. Preliminary orgasms.

Then he goes to kissing her, teasing her breasts and giving her breast orgasms. He does that by teasing her globes, then applying a gentle teasing touch around her nipples. When he finally touches her nipple she is almost going nuts with desire.

Then he sucks her nipples harder and harder, faster and faster. He’s like a human vaccuum cleaner.

After getting one or two breast orgasms he goes to her clitoris and starts teasing that. Most women almost jerk off the bed with his first electric, teasing touch on the end. he keeps teasing her until her whole body shudders.

You can do exactly the same things.

3rd Tip. “Lights out” orgasms.

Only then does he go down and tease her g-spot with his index and middle finger. When she starts to shudder, he immediately goes up to her clitoris again and starts to tease her there.

Then, he gets her g-spot orgasm, and the clitoral orgasm is on the way…so he again goes back to her g-spot and coordinates a blended c-spot/g-spot climax.

By this time, he has been pleasing them in bed for hours and they’ve had orgasm after orgasm, with each more intense and varied than the previous. You can do exactly the same thing.

Source by Rachel LaDue