Most of the metatrader brokers, in fact, use FXDD as their source for quotes. Fapturbo has an issue where it only takes trades when the spread is of a certain size. So, when choosing a broker to trade Fap turbo with, make sure the size of your broker’s spread is appropriate or your bot won’t take trades and you will seat there wondering why your robot is not trading.

As far as Fapturbo making thousands and the claims I here allover on the internet, I severely doubt that’s going to happen on a $500 mini. I have my Fap turbo running on a small $5k account. It does alright. But I’m definitely not satisfied with the risk to reward ratio. Which sucks because, I put it through a month and a half of demo trading and it performed superbly! I guess any bot that has a positive trade balance is a good one though, given the fact that there are so many BS robots out there.

To improve my settings and also make sure I only use brokers who are Fap turbo friendly, I recently join this Fap turbo online training course which shows Fap turbo users what settings to have on their robot. The course is called the: Fap Turbo Expert Guide and guy behind it is one experienced Fap turbo users called Rob Casey.

Now, just so you know, Rob Casey is not a God even his settings could be wrong, however he and his team do nothing but test different Fap turbo settings, see which ones work, and which ones don’t. They then recommend the good settings to members of Fap Turbo Expert Guide. The good think I like about this is that they also have accounts with different brokers where they monitor and recommend Fap turbo friendly brokers. I think this is a great feature, and it is helping me quite a lot. I will dare to say that my Fap turbo is so much more optimized ever since I joined this course.

Do you want to discover and use some of the best Fap turbo friendly brokers? Do you want to get the perfect settings for your Fap turbo robot so it makes you more money when trading? If yes, then you need to join: the Fap turbo expert guide. However you don’t have to take my word for it!

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Source by Frank N. Fru