Horse betting and handicapping have been the favorite activities of several horse race enthusiasts for several decades. Horse racing is quite popular as a sport where lot of betting happens and people win or lose huge amounts of money. There are also several myths that travel in the world regarding horse handicapping and betting. Several of these myths hold no scientific base and are not true. It is also a well accepted fact that winning or losing of a race or a game is not known so easily. The results in racing may not be as predicted every time. However, there are experts today who revealed secrets of making huge amounts of money through horse handicapping.

The most popular myth in the world is that winning money in horse handicapping is purely fate. This may be partially true as the winning or losing of a game are not completely in the hands of the players. However, depending upon the practice, the analysis of previous results, etc. would help the racing enthusiast to bet on particular horse. There can also be wiser ways of betting where the risk of losing money can be minimized and the probability of winning would be high. Another myth is that no one ever wins in horse betting. It is not true as there are several people who made huge amounts of money on horse betting and the number of people winning is increasing day by day.

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Source by Art Robinson