Wonderclicks is an auto trading software that appeared on the market with claims about high profits in very very short time. According to tot heir website, it is possible to make over $10,000 in just 7 days which is quite hard to believe. Besides this fact, there are also certain other signs that might indicate how WonderClicks is just binary options scam.

Promises about high profits without any effort are a very deceiving practice that can cost traders money. In this WonderClicks review, we will try to provide a non-biased opinion about this product.

Fair Binary Options team never traded with WonderClicks, and this review is based only on the information provided on their website.

About WonderClicks Auto Trading Software

The first encounter with WonderClicks happens on their website where traders should be able to find out everything about this auto trading software. However, they only find a 12-minutes long video. WonderClicks claims to be based on auto-intelligence but delivers much contradictory information. For example, they support traders to trade manually but still claim to be fully automated. Also, one minute they claim to be delivering signals provided by algorithms, and the next moment they are raving all about the signals generated by experts. WonderClicks review team was quite confused, and we can only imagine how a beginner binary options trader would feel like.

Another sign of a scam is the fact that they overcomplicate things and their explanations, probably in hope to leave a professional impression. This could be a sign that WonderClicks is a scam. Traders can easily find their explanations to be something believable, even though they make no sense.

WonderClicks brings incredible profits?

There is no binary trader in this world who is not longing after more profit. Scams like WonderClicks know that and take advantage of it. WonderClicks is promising amazing profits that are hard to believe, and that should be just the wildest imagination.

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According to WonderClicks review, it was found out that traders are promised profits that go up to $10,000 a week. Of course, this means that you can make $1, but they are basically promising you great numbers. This should always be seen as a red flag that indicates binary options scam, as there are no proofs for their promises.

Also, WonderClicks review found out how this binary trading software claims to be free, but after careful examination, it was found out how it is free for limited time only – 60 days! After that, traders have to pay incredible amounts – $2,500 for just one month of trading with WonderClicks. This is really unfair practice and can be deemed as deceiving.

What makes WonderClicks a Scam?

There are many other signs that WonderClicks could be a binary options scam. There are no reliable terms and conditions traders can read and use for their own protection. Traders also are never given the opportunity to select their binary options, broker. While that doesn’t have to be a bad practice, WonderClicks offered us a scam broker which is definitely a danger alert.

Wonderclicks review noted how traders never learn anything about the company behind the product or about the risks involved. Educational materials are not provided and the trader simply has to put all his trust, not to mention his money into the hands of a binary options scam.

We highly recommend traders to do a proper research before trading with a product like WonderClicks binary trading software. Make sure to understand all the benefits and risks involved. We advise you to keep in mind that if the offer sounds too good to be true, there are high chances that it isn’t. It can be only another binary options scam.

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