How many times have you failed trying to make money online? I'm sure that you are probably one of the 98 percent of people who have never made any money at all on the Internet. If you have a work at home business, this article will explain two ways you can immediately start making money online.

Funded Proposal

If you look very carefully at the people making the most money online you will notice that they will lead with a funded proposal. To simplify things, a funded proposal is usually a low price item used to attract your attention and to also pay for the advertising budget. Soon you'll look around and notice that mostly all businesses use this method to attract customers.

Sometimes businesses will offer something free as their funded proposal hoping to make up for it when you purchase a more higher priced item. If you take a look at most fast food restaurants using this method, they would often attract customers with a.99 cent burger or something close to that, hoping to make up by selling higher priced shake and fries. Using this method seems to work because over the years a good percentage of businesses has adopted this idea.

Repeat Customers

Another way to start making money online is by marketing to your customers over and over again. If you notice also that most people making money online has an email list. A lot of Internet marketers are leaving money on the table by not having an email list. Marketing on the Internet is not much different from offline marketing, because in either case, people love to buy from people they trust and have come to know.

There are a couple of good autoresponder companies out there who can handle a large emailing list. You can write a few emails and have them go out two or three times a week depending on how often you think you should send them out but the idea here is to keep in contact with your list to educate and market other product and services to them . Having an email list is one of the best decisions you can make as an online marketer.

These were only two ways you can start making money with your work at home business. Working from home does not have to be a burden when you know how to market your products or services. Many people will start a home business without any pattern to follow and suffer the consequences later. When you follow the two steps above you are on the right road that could lead to your financial freedom.

Source by Truby Johnson