There are legitimate work at home typing jobs that you could have, but there are many scams out there also. What I’m going to tell you in this article is where to find real work at home typing jobs and and how to avoid the data entry scam.

First off, the are many big companies that are hiring contract customer representative, which you can work with, such as Comcast, Zellers, Pizza Pizza etc.

When you think of a big company, they’re probably hiring contract workers. Those are the legitimate guys that you want to be working with to make a full time income.

Who are the guys that you want to avoid? You want to avoid those company that pretend that they are offering type at home job, but instead they sell you a expensive home study course that masquerade as a training package.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for information but I don’t want to sign up for a company that is offering me a job but instead ask me to pay the money upfront for a glorified book that gets me no steady paycheck or some sort of job for that matter.

Note: most data entry jobs have been outsourced to India, so what you will most likely find is content writers — basically you write articles for people, and they pay you anywhere between $5-$10 per article.

If you do stumble upon a work-at-home typing job opportunity, and it seems so enticing to join … then you may want to look and see if they have a refund policy.

They company should have a 60 day money back guarantee. If they don’t have a guarantee then I would be leery of buying stuff of them because they might be a shady type of company.

Source by Sutikno Slamet