If you would like to find a job to do from home because you think it will be easier than your current job, you might be mistaken. You should know that it takes hard work to make a living from home, and is often even harder than many regular jobs. This is mainly because many jobs from home are paid by the project rather than the hour, meaning that you would only make money when you complete a project.

It follows, then, that a freelance worker from home would want to work as quickly as possible. Imagine if you did not get paid by the hour or through a salary at your current job, but rather by the project. Would you take as many breaks, or socialize with coworkers as much? Would you waste time on the internet, and come in at the last minute and leave as soon as possible? You probably would not. You would get as much work done as possible while at work. You might not have to work as many hours to make money, but you would certainly work harder.

This is the case with many freelancers just trying to make ends meet. They go by the motto, "Work hard make money from home." This means that they know that the only way to make money from home is to work hard. In order to succeed at working from home, you must be aware of this.

You need to have discipline and keep deadlines straight. You may not have to work set hours, but you often need to get a certain amount done each day. If you do not, you can not pay your bills, as you will not get paid for the project and might not get another chance with your client to prove your worth. Your number one goal is to keep your clients happy, because this is how you pay your bills. Getting as many projects done as possible, on time, is the only way to do this. This requires staying on top of your work schedule, no matter how crazy it is each day.

You also need to separate your company from other similar companies, which is often difficult to do. There are so many freelancers and companies out there offering very similar products and services, so you need to differentiate yourself somehow. This alone takes hard work and time. You need to get to know your business and find out for yourself how you are different from others. Again, living by the motto, "Work hard make money from home," will help.

Source by Brian McCoy